Proud Owners

Sylvie Trouillat tells the Picasso staff in her first official team meeting, “we want you all to know that we love what you do here and think you have been doing a great job. We are here to work with you, to continue to grow together and to see the Picasso magic alive”.


Sylvie and Michel Trouillat – who moved to Coronado in September from the Greater Paris area in France – are the proud and much-anticipated new owners of Picasso Café, Bar & Restaurant in Coronado.


Why did the Picasso team choose the Trouillat family to take on the magic and the responsibility of operating this lively hangout that we have grown to know and love?


Well … a few reasons!


They had a successful and community centric Brasserie in France. Michel’s passions are cooking, music and sports. Sylvie is a lover of people and community and Yoan, Michel and Sylive’s 27 year old son is a trained cocktail bartender.


“It’s funny how life works,” says Michel; “after visiting Panama over 7 times, we planned to buy a restaurant on the Caribbean, but the the deal fell through.  Then we found Coronado and Picasso and we fell in love with the concept and the community”.


While the Trouillat’s are bursting to make changes, they plan to go step by step … des-pa-cito!


What should we expect for this first season? Some new smiling faces and others you might know, several new dishes, a packed event calendar and Picasso which is known for that always-feel-good vibe!